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Job OpportunitiesWork in Canada While Studying

Work in Canada While Studying

For many decades Canada has been attracting thousands of international students into its higher educational institutions by also offering them possibilities of working part-time. For those who want to pursue either bachelor’s or master’s studies, the job market in Canada is always an easy catch. It is foreseen to do overall research on potential jobs in Canada and choose in which province you would actually like to work. Since this process requires a lot of commitment, this article will save your precious time and provide you with useful information regarding eligibility of working for international students.

Can International Students Work in Canada?

Yes. Considering the fact that not every international student will have all the needed finances to cover the living expenses while studying in Canada, the option of working is quite fulfilling and motivates students to go on with their academic life. There are many jobs that

are offered to international students, and they must only choose the area of interest. Working as a student will significantly enrich your CV and also make you an independent person. These are only some of the few advantages that one can get while studying in Canada. Not leaving aside the work experience you get and the monthly salary.

Do I Need to Get a Work Permit?

Before jumping to this question, you need to know what are the labor opportunities for international students who possess only the study permit. As an international student, you are allowed to work in Canada while you are studying, once you have secured your study permit which states that you are eligible to work on or off-campus. Working in these two settings means that students with a study permit are also allowed to work under a co-op program or placement, which of course is offered by a Designated Learning Institution.

In addition, students coming from abroad who have started their degree programs can work part-time, around 20 hours per week. Meanwhile, during summer break there is a chance of working full-time (40 hours/week). In order to work, students should have a co-op work permit, as well as a study permit.

However, you should know that a study permit is not a visa. International students should carry a travel document along with a:

  • eTA – an electronic travel authorization
  • A Visitor Visa (temporary visitor visa)

Depending on which one best fits your document. 

Work Permit Free

There are some exceptions in regards to getting a work permit for international students. For those who come to Canada with the aim of studying for more than 6 months and also fall into one of these categories, then they do not need a work permit.

  • You are a member of a foreign armed force for a designated state under the Visiting Forces Act
  • You have registered Indian status in Canada
  • You are a family or staff member of a foreign representative in Canada

The work permit is written by a state officer to a student that doesn’t belong to the country of Canada. Usually, it has to be requested after everything is arranged, including the employment contract, location evidence, work duration, and personal information about your employer.

Finding a Student Job in Canada

Starting your studies while holding a study permit, leads you to a wide array of job opportunities. Usually, international students decide to work part-time in order to finance themselves and make use of their money for individual needs. Before starting the process of job hunting, it is important to know that a Social Insurance Number is mandatory for working and it also serves as a passing card to join the national programs and many other benefits. The study destination defines your work destination, so take a look at which province or territory of Canada you are apt to pour your energy into.

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After you have met the required criteria to work in Canada then you might take a look at the following useful tips for finding a job.

1.  Consult the International Office of Your University

Generally, each university that has an international office provides students with enriched information on joining companies and other job opportunities. The university staff advises students and leads them to the most prospective jobs that best fit their ambitions. In some cases, international students might look for the Career Service Office, in which they might get informed for jobs inside of the campus. Therefore, the number one tip would be to consider the sources that your university is assuring for finding a job.

2.  Write Your CV

As you start hunting for jobs, the first and foremost requirement is your Curriculum Vitae, so make sure you have updated it and included the most recent work experience. However, try to touch only the most important aspects of it and keep it short. If you are an international student with insufficient work experience then you can simply emphasize other features, for instance, volunteer work, language skills, soft skills, computer experience, or other related information. It is crucial to optimize your CV for the position that you are applying for, in this way you are more likely to grab the employee’s attention and go hand in hand with them in the near future. An unwritten rule that not many international students know when deciding to apply for jobs in Canada is the inclusion of the Cover Letter with the CV.

3.  Network With People

Word-of-Mouth Marketing is always the most reliable and trusted one and apparently, people use the same methodology when recommending qualified workers to a potential employer. For this reason, it is so important to network with a lot of people, attend social activities, seminars that are closely related to your profession, and relevant events. On most occasions, you will meet someone who knows someone else and who is looking exactly for a job candidate like you. As the old saying goes “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” and you surely aspire to have a long-lasting career and a work setting that includes people who have a high opinion of you, as well as appreciate your achievement.

Job Options

For many international students, one of the first things they think of when deciding to study abroad is to be financially independent by finding a suitable job. Usually, jobs that won’t interfere with their lectures would be an ideal fit. In Canada, one can find various part-time jobs as well as 40 hours per week jobs. 

Here are the highest paying part-time jobs for international students:

Server 11.00CA$ per hour
Teacher’s Assistant 16.00CA$ per hour
Tutor 20.00CA$ per hour
Uber Driver 15.00 – 26.00CA$ per hour
Freelancer 26.00CA$ per hour
Barista 12.00CA$ per hour
Nanny 15.00CA$ per hour
Dog Walker 15.00CA$ per hour

Working in Canada After Graduation

Canada is quite an attractive destination not only for study but also for working after your graduation. It offers international students the chance to become permanent residents and settle in any of its provinces. Successful students who have made it to graduation are required to apply for the post graduation work permit which opens new windows and enables them to gain valuable Canadian work experience. To get the PGWP, students should prove that they have met all the conditions of the study permit.

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