Make sure you know the route before you hop in any means of public transportation. Do not hitchhike by any means.

Taxi is always the safest solution when it’s late and dark, or when you might feel a little tipsy from a night out. However it is rather the most expensive alternative and the price is seldom negotiable. In case of some emergency you must always have the phone number of some cab in your wallet.

On the train, use the emergency phones on the platform or emergency button if you are ever harassed.

Riding a bike has its own peculiarities. Helmets are mandatory when riding a bike in Canada. At night, use front and rear bike lights and wear reflective clothing. In Canada as in every developed country green life is encouraged thus bicycles have their own lanes separate from the cars and pedestrians. There are many clearly labeled bicycle paths in urban areas across Canada. Try to take these as often as possible, and remember to keep to the right side of the road.

Traffic rules are the same for bikes as for cars: stop signs, red lights, etc. apply to everyone. You must also remember to signal your turns with your arms.

Don’t ever forget to lock your bike when leaving it unattended.

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