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Studying in CanadaMost Popular Degrees in Canada

Most Popular Degrees in Canada

Over the recent years, Canada has been a significant study destination that assures diverse degrees and at the same time, fulfilling professions. For most international students, the road to a successful career is determined by the best degree that guarantees a job in Canada. When choosing which degree to complete, for some students the payment may be a crucial motive and on the other hand, for the others, the reputation of a university that provides such degrees may play an important role, too. For this reason, this article will illustrate the most popular university degrees in Canada and consequently, will ease the process of choosing the best major in Canada. 

As soon as students complete secondary school, they start to wonder which path to take for a happy and beneficial future career. Those who aim to study abroad in Canada will surely want to know which are some of the best programs and the quality of education they might get. Despite the inner ambition to study what intrigues your heart, the return on investment and the job opportunities are also important. So, to get a promising career you can consider the most popular degrees in Canada, as listed below.

Here are the most popular degrees in Canada:

Dentistry Degree

Canada is a great attraction for dentistry studies and home to international students who are keen on medical care.  Although the path to earn a dentistry degree might require a lot of effort, be challenging and include in-depth analysis of dentistry concepts, it is also an enjoyable and rewarding career. The majority of Canadian universities that offer dentistry degrees allow students to apply their knowledge in clinical laboratories. This is an advantage that only elite students might exploit. It takes four years to earn a dentistry degree and bear the title “Doctor of Dental Medicine” or “Doctor of Dental Surgery”. There is a list of courses in dentistry, but the most important ones include: Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology, which of course are interrelated to the oral aspects. One of the best career options in Canada is the dentist career, especially for those who specialize in cosmetic dentistry and earn thousands of dollars per year.

Some of the best dental universities to get a degree are:

  • University of Alberta – School of Dentistry
  • University of British Columbia – Faculty of Dentistry
  • University of Manitoba – School of Dentistry
  • Dalhousie University – Faculty of Dentistry

Computer Science Degree

As the world keeps getting more and more technology friendly, the computer science degree has become among the most popular. A Computer Science degree is often combined with courses in engineering, computing technology and software technology. Fundamentally, the aim of technology leaders is to use computers and other electronic appliances to solve human problems. Some of the Computer Science courses within any Canadian university involve: compilers and operating systems, software development and testing, theory of computation, algorithms, data structure and other related courses. After earning a computer science degree, you are qualified for a variety of job positions that will guarantee you a huge amount of money. Although being a computer scientist is quite challenging and requires a lot of effort, many jobs with a high return on investment motivate students to get a computer science degree.

Some of the best computer science universities to get a degree are:

  • McMaster University – Faculty of Engineering
  • University of Calgary – Faculty of Science
  • University of Victoria – Faculty of Engineering
  • Simon Fraser University – Faculty of Applied Science

Nursing Degree

Canada is a welcoming country for many international students, especially for those who move to Canada in order to get a nursing degree. Studying to become a nurse is the most enjoyable type of degree in Canada. This profession is considered among the most humanistic ones, since it requires a lot of empathy, taking care of people in need and always being available to patients, sacrificing sometimes even your personal needs. Many degree courses for nursing students allow students to become nurses of four fields: mental health nursing, children’s nursing, adult nursing, and learning disability nursing. Despite the fact that nursing students have to read a lot, they also have to engage in practical work too. The majority of universities in Canada that offer nursing degrees allow students to do internships and test their skills before graduating. The nursing profession has a high rate of employment and since Canada is in shortage of nurses, it is always a great choice to study nursing.

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Some of the best nursing universities to get a degree are:

  • University of Toronto – Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing
  • University of Alberta – Faculty of Nursing
  • McMaster University – Faculty of Health Science
  • University of British Columbia – Faculty of Applied Science

Law Degree

Being famous for the best law schools, Canada is a land of job opportunities. By earning a law degree, not only you will encompass a wide range of topics, but also employ your gained knowledge in a variety of fields like Business Law, International Law, Environmental Law, Finance Law, Criminal Law, Tax Law, and numberless areas. Commonly, a law degree takes up to four years to complete, but simultaneously it is quite enjoyable, since it deals with justice, national matters, criminal law and creating new norms for better quality of life. During law studies, students engage in internships and take full responsibility for their given tasks. Being a lawyer in Canada means you have the highest-paid occupation, and to be specific, lawyers get an average salary of $112,000 annually. Overall, there are different types of lawyer jobs but the following are the most frequent ones: Contracts Lawyer which is paid around $65,000 per hour, Bankruptcy Paralegal, given $50,000 per hour, Immigration Lawyer which is paid around $77,000 annually, and the list goes on.

Some of the best law universities to get a degree are:

  • Dalhousie University – The Schulich School of Law
  • Western University – The Western Law School
  • University of Ottawa –  Faculty of Law
  • University of Alberta – Faculty of Law

Business Degree

A business degree will require you to study the international relationships between different corporations, marketing as a way of enhancing business interaction as well as offer you specialization areas like accounting, finance, human resources, analysis on markets, economic principles and so on. Canada is known as the best country for business,  and international students who choose to earn a degree of this major in Canada often end up opening their own business. During business studies in any Canadian university, students get skilled in international communication, analytical abilities, problem solving, and understanding the philosophy of organizations. Moreover, the future of entrepreneurs includes prospective jobs such as Financial analyst, Marketing manager, Project manager, Sales manager, Sales representative, to mention a few.

Some of the best business universities to get a degree are:

  • University of British Columbia – Sauder Business School
  • University of Toronto – Rotman School of Management
  • University of McGill – Desautels Faculty of Management
  • University of Alberta – School of Business

Sociology Degree

Sociology as a social science deals with human beings, in terms of how they interact with each other, the relationship between people and in a broad aspect, the society itself. Canada, as a multicultural country offers some of the best sociology degrees that many graduates find useful. Different higher education institutions include sociology programs which differ from one another. Two types of sociology degrees are Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. Such a degree will treat various themes, starting with the fundamental aspects of human behaviors in social context, culture and identity – related with anthropology, families and tribes along with the development of society and the nation. After graduating with a sociology degree, one can work in Canada as a Guidance Counselor, Human Resources (HR) Representative, Lawyer, and last but not least, Management Consultant.

Some of the best sociology universities to get a degree are:

  • University of Toronto – Faculty of Art and Science
  • University of Alberta – faculty of Graduate Studies & Research
  • King’s University College –  Sociology Faculty
  • University of York – Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

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