Employment after Graduation

Employment after Graduation

Employment after Graduation

Once you have completed you education in Canada and choose to continue living and working there, many doors open to your boosting career. Several option in settling down in Canada are offered to students who achieve a Canadian degree.

  1. Pursuit further an academic degree in Canada applying for a postgraduate degree, be it Masters or PhD.
  2. Start your working career in whatever domain suits your profile, and build an expert out of yourself.

If you choose to start working after graduation in Canada and plan on living the rest of your life in Canada, it is most definitely the right combo as settled employment is the right step into becoming a legit Canadian citizen.

After you’ve been established with a Canadian diploma you are eligible to apply for work experience through various postgraduate work programs that will deal with granting you a special work permit which allows you to work in Canada for the same period you’ve studies there, commonly three years.

In order to apply for such a grant you have to comply with the following requirements:

  • A full time student degree in Canada,
  • A diploma from a public tertiary education institution, or any private authorized institution by the government,
  • If you have applied for the work permit in the course of 90 days after you’ve received the diploma,
  • You have a study permit when applying for the work permit.

You have to have proof of being granted with the diploma when you decide to apply for the work permit. (Even if you still haven’t received the diploma itself).

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