What does it Cost to Study in Canada?

What does it Cost to Study in Canada?

What does it Cost to Study in Canada

Once you decide to study in Canada, you will realize that it’s a great future investment; cost   and quality effective. Studying in Canada will give you access to excellent education, a cultural diversity and most importantly one globally recognized degree. However studying abroad, just as in any other country which is not your own, requires prior financial planning and commitment before your departure.

Tuition Fees

One of the most important aspects of choosing an overseas study destination is the total cost in terms of tuition and living expenses. Canada, therefore offers a reasonable price to knowledge and self-affiliation, for both national and international students.

Tuition fees in Canada vary across programs, universities and provinces. Generally degrees in professional schools like law, medicine and the MBA are ranked as the most expensive as in every other country.

The program duration in Canada ranges from 3 – 4 years for undergraduate programs and 1 – 2 years for graduate programs.

Before departing to Canada you have to make sure you’ve put some money aside for initial expenses, as part of the process as following:

  • Application fees $50 to $150 depending on the University.
  • Approximately 25per University due to authentication of documents required by the University (transcripts, recommendation letters).
  • Entrance exam costs around $ 200 a piece, depending on the field you are applying for. Usually students take this exam two times therefore plan on spending around 500 $ on this test.
  • Test scores like GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS have to be reported by the testing agencies (like ETS), which may cost up to $ 20 per University (an average cost for reporting scores of all tests you may have taken).

Canada is a big and assorted country even when it comes to expenses, so the money you will spend on University fees overall depend widely on the region you choose to live. The expenses also vary from the different study programs you are enrolled in, whether you are and undergraduate students or a graduate student and so on.

A blunt overview of University expenses for international students that study in different provinces in Canada is presented below:

Province Undergraduate Students Graduate Student
NewfoundlandPrince Edward Island

Nova Scotia

New Brunswick






British Columbia


$8,520 – 12,480

$7,063 – 10,720

$9,168 – 10,518

$6,900 – 16,204

$4,940 – 6,900

$7,779 – 10,890

$6,293 – 11,078

$4,462 – 15,870

$1,896 – 3,549$6,100

$4,329 – 15,000

$5,610 – 8,465

$8,268 – 20,000

$5,432 – 29,000

$3,795 – 9,685


$5,298 – $19,200

$2,272 – $17,499

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