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In Canada you will get to experience each of the four seasons separately, spring, summer and fall to end with winter.

Temperatures in the far north are known to be severe, where only occasionally they go above 0°C yet most of the Canadians are concentrated around the more southern region where springs blossom, the summers are hot and autumn is the messenger of cold, cold winter.

In order to prevent any health disturbances during your first wintertime in Canada there are some measurements you must comply with.

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  • Regularly consult the weather forecast in order to avoid being caught in some type of blizzard.
  • Spend some real money in winter clothing as it will save your life literally. A good winter jacket, gloves, a warm hat, a scarf and boots are a must.
  • As weather is quite changeable during the day, it is recommendable to dress in layers.
  • Breakfast is the main meal of the day that will keep you fueled up for the rest of the day, make sure it is nutritious.
  • Dehydration is very common among newcomers; in order to avoid it drink water regularly and use creams and lip balms.
  • Sunglasses are a must if you are looking at the reflection of sunlight from the white snow all day long.

Beware of frostbite. In case you sense some numbness or pain anywhere over your exposed body parts do seek medical aid.

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