Canadian Culture & Customs

Canadian Culture & Customs


Perks of the Canadian culture start with their open-minded and non-judgmental multicultural environment they share altogether. However, certainly they have some expectations from the expats.

  • Punctuality is required, professionally and socially
  • Respectful manners in a conversation are a must
  • Gender equality is considered common practice not only a theory.
  • Never insult people’s race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation or appearance

At first, avoid intimate questions and proceed to create some common ground.

How to address Canadians?

Canadians are known to be quite flexible when you start a conversation. It usually comes fast down on a first name basis.

Nevertheless, one should address with “Mr” and “Ms” before their last name in case of the elderly, some kind of authority, the professors or the employer until they ask you to start calling them by their names.

How to respond to a social invitation?

  • Make sure you arrive in time, once the meeting point has been set. Canadians value punctuality. In case you won’t be able to make it, do call and cancel or if possible reschedule hours earlier.
  • Before you leave for the occasion, ask if the gathering is formal or informal so you will be properly dressed.

It is always considerate to bring the host a gift when you accept a formal invitation to a gathering at someone’s home for the first time. Wine is cool, flowers or a box of chocolate will do the trick.

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