Average Salary & Taxes

Average Salary & Taxes

Average Salary & Taxes

At first, students might not be rather satisfied with the minimum wage – jobs offered in this country however, they will help them survive the beginner’s chaos. Starting from scratch, not only the immigrants but also Canadian citizens themselves are faced with such a treatment which nonetheless is open to expand and progress.

It is important to know what minimum wage is, it’s importance in Canada and its monetary definition by each one of the provinces, especially your province of residence.

Under the Constitution of Canada, the responsibility for enforcing labor laws rests with each one of the ten provinces and three territories and so minimum wages in Canada are defined differently by each province — minimum wages in Yukon Territory stand at $9.27/hour while those in Nunavut currently stand at the highest rate ($11/hour).

Beware! It is important not to accept employment that pays below the minimum wage as such employers are not only taking advantage of your labor but also breaking Canadian labor laws. Getting paid below the minimum is only acceptable if you are working at a liquor service and you get tips, you are really inexperienced or you are still underage.


As an International Student, you are required to file an income tax return if:

  • you receive any income (from employment, scholarship/bursary, fellowship, assistantship, investments, etc.),
  • you want to claim a refund,
  • you want to apply for the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax), Ontario Trillium Benefit, and other tax credits,
  • you or your spouse or common-law partner want to start or continue receiving Canada Child.

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